The composition of the space requires many elements.The design is through understanding,

nalysis, disassembly and reorganization,thinking of him as a positive attitude towards

life-through design.

Zhucun Space has been established since 2008.It upholds the enthusiasm, professionalism

and rich practical experience to assist the owners to fulfill their dreams, so that the dreams can

be realized.We have a series of design processes tailored to different attributes and demographic needs.

No matter what story you have about the space, we are ready to listen at any time.


The so-called "Zhucun"?

" Zhu " (the same sound as Bamboo) stands for high style and bright festival.

It is also a symbol of ancient literati, as well as a representative of art and temperament.

" Cun "(the same sound as Village) refers to a place where people live in groups,

a place where talents gather, and the most basic administrative unit.

" Zhucun " is a team that looks forward to a group of talents with professional artistic cultivation.


Building Interior Co-production

Zhucun Design was founded in 2009, specializing in the professional integration of building exterior and

interior space, and provides brand and business model recommendations for commercial spaces.

For residential spaces, we expect that life should be an aesthetic expression, extending from the owner's

taste to the place of activity and residence.Combining the needs of the owners with our analysis of the base:

including good dynamic function planning, material and light performance, proportion of shape division,

planned lighting, even the selection of furniture decoration and image design of the matching space.

We look forward to providing professional advice and considerate service from the owners, combined with

top-level craftsmanship and attitude to achieve extraordinary space works.